Jamie Langstaff

Jamie Langstaff

Jamie Langstaff 

Coach Jamie Langstaff grew up around fighting and cannot recall a time that he wasn’t punching or kicking a bag. His Grandfather was a boxer in the Navy and his father studied Karate.

He has always had a passion for the combat sports and throughout the years studied under many teachers.
The most important ones are Sensei Steve Wren who taught him the importance of honor and of humbleness.
Another coach that influenced Jamie was Master Pedro Vetro, whom taught American Freestyle Kickboxing in Oakland Park Florida.
This is where coach Jamie started competing in Amateur Kickboxing.
Most importantly would be the influence of Kru Larry Borden of Hammer Gym, a great Muay Thai coach that turned Jamie Langstaff into a pro fighter.
After retirement from competition in 2000 Coach Jamie has become obsessed with making his students, from novice to professional awesome strikers.

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