Kevin Botwinick

Kevin Botwinick

Competition Boxing and Fitness Boxing

Kevin started boxing at age 12 after he saw the movie Rocky and immediately began training in garages and backyards. He later met Coach Joey Hadley and learned the “Peak A Boo” style of boxing. He spent the next few years training at the Memphis Fairgrounds and became a steady sparring partner for Kennedy McKinney (McKinney is the Bantamweight Gold medalist at the 1988 Summer Olympics and the IBF and WBO super bantamweight champion). After countless hours training and sparring in the gym, Kevin was ready to fight in the Golden Gloves, but a recent jaw injury would prevent him from ever competing in boxing. However, this did not stop Kevin from doing what he loved to do…Box. He continued to train and spar professional and amateur boxers at Coach Hadley’s gym. Subsequently, in 2006 he became certified through the Boxing Institute as a Boxing Fitness Instructor.

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