V3 Results

What a weekend. Well we had 5 guys scheduled for title fights at V3 on Saturday. Unfortunately, only 3 got to fight. Tyler Hill was not able to defend his title vs. Jaleel Willis due to medical reasons……possibly due to the weight cut. The health of these fighters is paramount. I hope Tyler is going to be OK and makes a full and speedy recovery. Jeremiah Jon Trundle was supposed to compete for the interim heavyweight title but unfortunately the evening of the show his opponent Meeks had a family emergency. My understanding is that there was an emergency with his mother. I hope that everything is OK with her. V3 did in fact award both Jaleel and Trundle with interim title belts after doing all they could to find replacement opponents.

Now, Congrats to Justin Edwards for winning the V3 Welterweight title via split decision over a very tough and previously unbeaten opponent. Justin trains very hard and shows that his hard work has paid off. Also, congrats to Hunter Joffre for defending his V3 Flyweight title belt via split dec. over a very tough and game Jesse Parker. This fight was a war that was very close. Both guys deserve nothing but respect for putting on such a great Main Event.

Adam Denton fought Saturday for the V3 lightweight title belt. Adam was doing great throughout the entire first round but got caught and was submitted. Congrats are in order to his opponent Jesse Sanderson who has to have one of the toughest chins and one of the biggest hearts in all of amateur MMA. Adam will be back stronger, tougher and more technical than ever. Anyone who knows Adam will tell you that Adam never makes excuses he just looks for solutions. He will be back….soon.

Look forward to V3′s big pro show this fall.



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